We are used to working inside a high level coaching team and understand that it requires constant communication and integration. We cover a check in with swing coaches to optimise transfer from the gym to the swing.

  • With professional golfers, almost 80% of the injuries come from overuse.  Injuries in amateur golfers can be caused by overuse but in most cases, they occur due to swing patterns developed around physical limitations.  As a result, they over stress areas of the body and create further injury to pre-existing conditions.


    Our philosophy and language is based upon the TPI method. We help you improve swing kinematics through optimising the mobility-stability kinetic chain.



When I first heard that we would be doing Yoga …. I thought that’s not for me, but then after a few sessions I realised the importance of flexibility and not only strength. After every session I felt great and had fun doing it too, largely due to the fact that Liesbeth is not only knowledgeable but also made it fun. My only regret is that I should have started with Yoga 40 years ago!! Thanks to Liesbeth I am now hooked on Yoga and will from now on continue to practice these techniques.

Jonas Saxton

PGA Professional 

In August my clubhead speed with the driver was 100 Mph and the goal was to take a year to consistently play to 107 mph with an average of 20 meters further. Thanks to the training sessions with Liesbeth, we have been able to take the first steps in this and I look forward to continuing to optimise my physique and game.

Alan Saddington

Senior Tour Professional

​Thank you for the support from the best coach.

Noa Van Beek

You really took the concept of mindset on the course to a higher level and made it much more meaningful.


Senior scratch golfer



Liesbeth Pauwels


The one thing you need to know is to be present in Liesbeth's world so that you are compliant and adhere to her program.



Liesbeth Pauwels




As a parent, you always hope to find coaches that genuinely connect with your kids. It’s extremely important to have forces outside of the home that positively impact your children. We found all of this in Coach Lizzy.


She is an extraordinary human who has enhanced not only Ethan’s golf game but, more importantly, his mindfulness and general athleticism. During our nearly one year with Coach Lizzy, she has transformed Ethan into a coordinated, stable, and strong young human. Training is something he looks forward to each day and can finally connect how his work translates to the golf course.


Coach Lizzy consistently creates success and confidence by identifying strengths and needs then designing new challenges/routines for specific growth and improved results. She has the unique ability to present all things new in a fun and understandable way. Over the past year, we have witnessed a new mental calm in Ethan during challenging situations both on and off the course. We believe that his work with Coach Lizzy is preparing him as a well-rounded athlete with a champion mindset, and we are so grateful to have to opportunity to work with her.


Ethan can always count on Coach Lizzy to respond to his progress videos and chatter. (in fact, she encourages chatter between sessions!). She’s also made it a point to connect with Ethan’s swing coach and coordinate efforts among the entire team. She has nothing but the biggest heart and positive spirit.


Ethan's Parents

Top junior amateur

Making the decision to work online one on one with Liesbeth has made dramatic improvements in my golf game. I feel better physically, I have a more positive mental approach and I am enjoying playing golf more than I ever have before.



Some of that enjoyment comes from playing well - it’s fun to make more birdies - but I am also finding that I can see positives in my “average” rounds and appreciate things differently than in the past.



Liesbeth makes our online sessions personal and productive. Her friendly attitude is complimented by her professionalism as she tailors our sessions to cover a curriculum that addresses a range of aspects of my game.



She also makes the mechanics of our sessions flow well, despite the fact she’s in Europe and I’m in North America.



I could not recommend Liesbeth with more enthusiasm; if someone wants to make a step that will improve their golf game across the board, they should reach out to her. I am glad I did!



Amateur Golfer

First of all, I didn't expect that within 4 months this program would bring me so much both on and off the golf course.

It has changed me so much in a positive way. Something I've been looking for for a long time. And I always thought this wouldn't be possible.

I am very grateful to you for everything you have done for me and I love to see that everything comes so naturally when you coach.

In addition, I find it special that I have started to embrace being vulnerable and feeling again.

There are so many things to mention that I can now enjoy and be grateful for! And the fact that I can allow fear and tension and be okay with that helps a lot.. And then meditating, I remember when I started and thought, should I start now.. And now it helps me in so many ways..
In short.. THANK YOU !!! 😘


I would also like to say that this investment is really worth it! Letting go of the program and your coaching will be difficult, because it feels so good!

I hope that in the future, if it is available, I can continue the process with you. 



Amateur Golfer


Are the coaching sessions in group or private?

Is this program 100% remote? 

What's the investment? 

Is there a payment plan available? 

Is there a bonus? 

I already have a fitness plan or TPI training. Can I still achieve improvements?

I only wish to receive a personal TPI program. How can I request that?

I prefer doing things in Dutch. Is that possible?

I am a trainer, teacher or coach myself. Can you help me?

I find Liesbeth's method very effective. Training is not only done on the physical but also on the mental aspect. I have now experienced the importance of balancing the mental and the physical too with regards to my game and with that learned that the breath is a great force to keep this in balance. That you can push your limits with your breath. You get to know your body and yourself better. I can now enjoy my game. Even if my game results isn't as I wanted it, I can frame it while still enjoy it.


I had no objections beforehand because I had confidence in Liesbeth after our first meeting and conversation. She is passionate and wants to help people move forward. Her enthusiasm also energizes me.

Thanks for all the training and info. I keep working on it every day and feel that even better results will follow.



Amateur Golfer 



Golf has experienced an "explosion" in terms of golf specific fitness and training. Liesbeth Pauwels is one of the leading lights in player/golfer performance. Thought provoking individual, check her out!


World Of Golf

Leading golf platform



Although I might be an average but very fanatic amateur golfer, I always aim for the best education.  After reading about playing professionals investing in their fitness and flexibility I did some research myself. I soon found out Liesbeth Pauwels is the golf fitness authority in the Netherlands and Belgium.   

After determining together,  a made to measure schedule I made impressive improvement. Besides lowering my handicap, my overall fitness really stand out. In practice I am never injured anymore or have any small pains. Thanks to Liesbeth’s enthusiasm and drive It was easy to keep practising and stay motivated. 
Last but not least in daily live I also feel much more energised and active.   

All in all, if you take your golf game seriously, golf-yoga should be part of it. 



Amateur Golfer



My head is calmer, my body is more relaxed, I sleep better and I feel reborn. Liesbeth inspires me a lot and taught me to be grateful for the things that are the way they are.



Amateur Golfer


I first met Liesbeth at the 2018 TPI Summit in Orlando, Florida and have followed her career as a Golf Fitness trainer ever since. She is certified with the Titleist Performance Institute, (TPI) and she is also a certified Yoga Teacher. She has great exercises programs with motivation and enthusiasm to match.



Africa Alarcon

TPI Professional

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